MEERKAT’s Guide to Hove

Having just moved to Hove we thought we’d share some of our favourite places with you – whether it’s a restaurant, pub or live music venue. We are still fairly new to this area so feel free to get in touch if you think we’ve missed somewhere worthy of the MEERKAT Guide To!

The Old Market is our new stomping ground. A brilliant venue that hosts live music, theatre and themed nights so there’s something for everyone. In fact we had a ball at the Electro Swing night when we went for our Christmas do. Sue was Lindy Hopping all over the floor whilst Kat gambled away all her free tokens. Brilliant venue, definitely worth checking out what’s on before you book your Brighton (and Hove) stay!

Bottoms Rest

We’ve fallen a bit in love with this cosy pub. Hidden away behind The Old Market it’s a perfect spot for an after work pint in the sun. The food is fantastic, particularly the chicken Goujons which they coat in crumbled nachos. Emily, Talc and Heidi have been spotted playing ‘rock, paper, scissors’ to gain ownership of the final Goujon. The rest of their food goes down a treat as well! Tuesday is 2-4-1 burger day so that’s the day we would recommend to visit.

Norfolk Square

There really is nothing too special about this little square in Hove but it holds a lot of fond memories. Despite being a dog free zone Mutley loved a morning frolic and the nearest bus stop was used for a B.O.B milk shelter wrap (which Talc is still obsessed with). Why not take a stroll down there, grab yourself a £3 all day breakfast bap and enjoy the glorious sunshine in one of the only wind-free spots of Hove.

The Paris House

It might be time we ventured a bit further away from our new office because this is another brilliant cosy pub within a 2 minute walking distance from us. With their huge selection of French wines, European beers, and their amazing meat and cheese platters for sharing (or not) this place offers something for everyone.


Mustard sits on the border of Brighton and Hove and has become an essential part of the MEERKAT week. Whether Sam is running in on Friday for her veggie sausage and stuffing lunch treat or Heidi’s grabbing a bacon buttie to keep her going until she gets out of all her meetings, Mustard’s doors are open – even offering Mutley a cheeky sausage. The staff are amazing and it’s definitely going to become part of MEERKAT life for the foreseeable future!


Who remembers Plateau? Probably everyone who has come down to see us for lunch because it’s our Brighton favourite! Whilst Plateau still remains in our top spot for central Brighton, Market is quickly becoming our new Hove favourite for lunches and it’s very likely you’ll bump into Kat and Emily in there during the week. From their brunches to their large plates it’s perfect for whatever foodie mood you’re in, and their Espresso Martinis aren’t too shabby either.

The Float Spa

Heidi and Muir went to try this out after rave reviews from their friends, but there were mixed reviews. The idea is that you climb into a tank of salt water, get enclosed in a pod, and just float effortlessly. The treatment is gaining popularity in the health and wellbeing industry and everyone seems eager to give it a go, but being locked in a pod isn’t for everyone as it can feel quite claustrophobic. Heidi had a great time and found it a really relaxing and enjoyable experience but Muir had to open her pod a few times to make sure she could fully relax. Both of them would recommend the experience to anybody looking for a way to wind down though!


Real Patisserie

This place is Kat’s favourite reason for moving to Hove for sure. She went through a phase of stopping off every morning for a coffee and almond croissant and became quite obsessed with the sausage rolls as well. We can’t blame her though because anything you get from Real Patisserie is guaranteed to be amazing. A good stop if you’re looking for a quick indulgent treat.

Until compiling this list we’ve never realised how big of fans of French cuisine we were, perhaps it’s time to open a Parisian office, Heidi? More delightful cheeses than you can possibly imagine sharing one roof with a huge selection of wines; the MEERKATs have been trying to organise a cheese and wine night since we moved here.


Caribou Rooms

This is a new spot for us after Sam and Kat had a meeting there this week. A gorgeous space that represents everything wonderful about Brighton and Hove. They are super proud of all their home made produce from sausage rolls to granola. Best of all they will happily make you up your own juice or smoothie from your favourite fruit and veg selection (they’ve still got a selection for you to choose from such as The Hangover Cure and Ironman, no wonder Sam and Kat wanted to go).




Sri Lankan cuisine is famous for its variety and taste and Moonstone offers the best Sri Lankan food around! The award winning restaurant offers an amazing variety of vegetarian options and Muir loves their beetroot curry. They do also have a range of fish and meat options on their menu and most of the menu is gluten free.


Treacle & Co

Treacle & Co is a nostalgic heaven as far as we’re concerned. Proper cakes, real tea and friendly staff. It’s exactly what you want from a tea room. The extensive brunch menu has a huge variety as well from the traditional English breakfast to baked eggs with Marmite soldiers! Fantastic spot in Hove to park your backside for a lazy Sunday afternoon.





Confession: We haven’t really delved far into Hove yet but these places are all within walking distance of Brighton so if you are here for a weekend why not walk along and live a day in the life of a MEERKAT!